Study Reveals Many Females Try Lesbian Relationships

Lesbian RelationshipA recent study has suggested that far more females than originally thought try lesbian relationships at some point during their lives.

These instances of short term or fleeting lesbian relationships primarily occur between young women who have just passed puberty or are in educational facilities such as boarding schools or on university campuses. Then there are women in the 20 something bracket who are still not so sure about their sexuality, and finally the older woman, perhaps in her 40s or early 50s who may be divorced or separated from her long-term partner who wonders if she may be bisexual but opts for a lesbian relationship instead.

Some of the reasons women choose to have a lesbian relationships, which may be platonic or sexual, include:

Especially at or just past puberty, for some young women, it may be due to the need to have someone take care of or protect them and many girls in this age group develop crushes or emotional feelings for other girls or women; yet not all are long lasting and they may only have a short term lesbian relationship.

Many young women don't like the general roughness of young men and their attitudes towards sexual activity; at this stage, the young women themselves are developing sexually and may find more comfort or enjoyment in having their first tastes of sexual activity with other females, with no associated pregnancy risks, for example.

The way society has developed over the last 10-15 years with more liberal attitudes and information about all sorts of matters freely available on the internet, there are far fewer stigmas attached with being lesbian and many young woman can also present as bisexual women.

Finding another lesbian to date or enjoy time with is far easier than ever before thanks to the advent of specialised lesbian dating sites online; it's possible to find other lesbian not only is a women's home town but almost anywhere across the country or even the globe! What's more with instant access via a variety of social media channels women looking for a lesbian encounter can easily meet-up with like-minded people.

Many older women who had lesbian tendencies when they were younger but reluctantly suppressed them are now able to finally come-out in a more tolerant social environment; many of such women are highly visible and at the forefront of advocacy for same-sex marriage and equal rights in the workplace etc for lesbians (and other minorities).

It is generally believed that some 7-8% of the total population is either gay, lesbian or falls under the LGBTQAI label. However, with attitudes of many women to casual lesbian encounters being positive, it may well be that the percentages of women with lesbian experiences could reach double figures!