Lesbian Dating: First Date Tips

Lesbian Dating TipsWhen going out on a date with a lesbian girl, you may have to take care of a few things before heading out. There is a big difference between going out to a date with a boy and another girl. That is why we have put together a list of the tips you should and should not do when on a first date with lesbian.

Do not give out too much

This applies to not only lesbian dating, but also any type of dating. When you are in the first date with another person, never give out too much information about yourself or anyone else in your life. That does not mean you keep to yourself and look all too grumpy. Just be fun and avoid talking too much about things that are not directly asked. If she presses you, just say you are not yet comfortable doing so.

Keep away from distractions

Maybe you have a cellphone that keeps on beeping with social media updates or calls. Although you may excuse yourself during the date to take one important call, you are better off just focusing on your date. We girls always want to be made to feel special and one way to do so is to allow for the good times to prevail without sideshows.

Avoid too much drinking

When on a first date or the first few dates, avoid getting all drunk and being a burden to your date. We all aim to have a good time when out in a date and while you are allowed to unleash the animal in you later on, you are to be careful on the first one. The impression you make will lead to the decision of whether they will consider you seriously or not.

Leave out your past life

We have all been hurt by someone in the past or have been treated unfairly by other people in our lives. For this reason, we always wish someone would listen to us mourn and curse them and wish they are dead. No matter what you do, keep all your past life away from the first date. You can talk about it later on.

Avoid taking her to places you have try upper hand

Like where all your friends are or family is at. Avoid such scenarios and just go to a neutral place where each one of you can get a fair deal on the relationship you are trying to hammer out. When you do that, you will likely intimidate them and lead to a case where there is a problem with the power balance in the relationship.

Make it short and simple

The fact that it is a first date means that it should be simple and fun. Even if you feel like staying some more, you are likely to give the impression that you are childish or needy. Set your standards without coming off as bossy or weird. Just have a little fun which mostly should be an introduction then plan another date if that is what you want.

Avoid serious topics

The first date is not about arguing or something like that. Rather, it is about getting to know one another. Mostly, you are trying to know your date not trying to ask them why they are trying to date another girl. That will come at its own time and you will be knowing each other enough to delve into such topics without getting worked up.

Keep it superficial

Do not go out on a first date then start thinking about moving in together or changing your life around the new person. If they say you would look good with brown hair, do not start thinking about changing your current hairstyle to look like what your date wants. Rather, take time and be aware that it is just an introduction and nothing more. However much you are impressed, do not get your hopes too high.

Avoid rudeness

Arrive for your date on time and keep everything calm and be on your best behavior. While it is just a first date, make sure you keep it normal and not try to be someone else or be your rude self. No one wants to date a rude person or worse still have a life with them if they know they will be disrespected all times.

Keep the games at bay

First, if you are not impressed by your date, just say it in the most polite way possible. Secondly, keep everything normal and realistic. Avoid making your date think you are an angel who just fell out of heaven and are the best person they can ever get in the world. Rather, keep it simple and let them know what you like about them and what you do not condone.