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L DateLdate is the oldest lesbian online dating site, and their 14 year of existence means that they have enormously transformed the online dating. This platform boasts of over 600,000 user base, and that figure doesn't include the many new members who are making LDate their preferred website for finding lesbian women. There are as many as 20,000 users who are online at any given time, and this ensures that finding a lesbian match is made very easy. Lesbian women who have used LDate give it an excellent rating as their services are refined as members find lesbian support to be very simple.

Signing Up

Joining LDate is a very simple process as the signing up procedure won't last 30 seconds of your time. You are only required to provide essential details such as your email, username and a short description of yourself, and everything will be all set. The other important thing is that LDate keeps your email information private thereby protecting you from the many scam and spam messages associated with many other online dating websites.

Profile Building

LDate members can build their profile information by including a short text that describes them and what they are looking for. It is also possible to add pictures of yourself and provided you are good at taking shots then you will be surprised by the many visits to your profile. User authentication process is also very simple.

Key Features

There are unique sections for members to browse. For instance, there are sections for those looking for first-time lesbian experiences, experienced lesbians, lesbian dating advice and also how compatible matches can be made. Besides, there is the blog and forum section, and members can exploit these to get the most while using this online dating website.

Connecting with others

Many online members are ever online at any time instant on LDate. The result of this is that, as a member you will rarely have that boring moment when seemingly there is nobody to have a conversation with. You can also be surprised by the many other potential love matches who would love to hook up with you.

Browsing through other members' profile information is an easy process, and in case you find a person that appeal to you, you will also find it very simple to send your message. There is an instant messaging feature, and this is perhaps the easiest way to handle communication on online dating platforms.

Search options

Members find it very easy to browse through profile information of their potential love match. The search process can be customized so as to have only the results that sell best to the interest of a member. Besides, LDate has many popular communication tools like instant messaging, email communication and winks, and these only makes conversations and search options to be easier.

Membership packages

Ldate offers three different membership packages. The one-month membership package attracts a subscription fee only $29.95 and is hugely recommended for any member who might still be new to the platform. The three-month membership package goes for $19.95 per month and is also considered a great deal as it covers a highly engaging time limit. Six-month membership is the last of the three packages that are available for subscription at LDate. It only costs $15.95 per month, and the great deal about is that it has many interesting aspects to it.

Member support

Members need not worry in case they have a technical issue or problem that needs verification. Ldate has a fully functional professional support team that is ever available 24/7. Members can submit any of their concern through the live chat option which is considered to be the most convenient communication by many members on this platform. Besides, there in the top right corner of the site page, there is a clear display of a phone number which members can use to connect with the support team. Any concern is responded to within the shortest time possible, and this is one of the things that makes LDate a great online dating platform.

Safety & Security

LDate treats privacy and security with utmost care. There is no possibility of having a member's personal information being shared by other unwanted third parties, and this means that safety while using LDate is a number one priority. 


LDate is not only a lesbian dating site, but also a bisexual community. No matter you are looking for lesbians or bisexual women, this is the largest community to be. The huge online community at LDate means that any single lesbians or bisexual women stands an excellent chance to find love here. LDate continues to register thousands on new members on a monthly basis, and this is because it is the only dating website that guarantees convenience regarding how online lesbian dating takes place. The easy to access technical support means that any problem experienced by members are handled on time, and these are some of the things that are very rare to come across many other online lesbian dating platforms.

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