Is Lesbian Dating Similar to Sex Dating

Lesbian CoupleWe often get asked the question: is lesbian dating typically similar to or just a form of sex-dating?

More often than not we are surprised to get such a question as to us it clearly suggests that there is still some mis-understanding within general society concerning what lesbian dating is and lesbians are all about.

So, before we answer the main question, let's take a look at what we really mean by lesbians: well, as with many other non-mainstream people, lesbians can be considered gay in that they are women who prefer to partner with and have sex with people of the same gender, in this case other women; or they can be bisexual and have a dual or no strong sexual preference and are content to partner with or sleep with men or women.

Within the lesbian community, there are different types of women with labels or names more associated with their appearance, but also, to some extent, to do with the role they play when in a relationship with other women. Some lesbians have more masculine traits (often called butch lesbians or toms) or there are those who are very feminine, sometimes called fems or pretties or lily-whites (depending on where you are when you read this!). Of course, there are those regular or middle of the road lesbians who don't fit into either of the aforementioned categories.

Now that we know a little about the protagonists in a lesbian relationship, if we go back to the main question in the title, then it should be no surprise to hear that the answer is both yes and no!

As with mainstream dating between heterosexual people or between gay men or sugar daddies and sugar babies, there will always be a minority of lesbians who look for casual sex, or NSA (no strings attached) relationships or even engage in so-called compensated dating… or as some people refer to it: sex-dating. Partners simply for sex can easily be found by searching on specialised sites such as Pink Cupid or on other well-known lesbian dating websites; even places such as Craig's List contain adverts for those seeking short-term liaisons.

Yet it's probably fair to say that a much higher percentage or, indeed, the majority lesbian are looking for love and a longer term relationship in the same way that other couples will.

After all, just because the partners are the same female gender or lesbians, it doesn't mean that emotional attachments should be any different than those which exist between opposite gender couples…!